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Our Method

Our Risk-Appropriate Investment Strategy Evaluation (RAISE™) investment process relies on up-to-the-minute monitoring of market behavior to help establish our investors’ appetite for risk.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve every one of your lifetime financial goals. Our investment process is designed to protect and grow wealth. It considers each client’s risk tolerance and aims to limit significant drawdowns. Our goal is to help investors build long-term portfolios that experience the power of compounded returns.

With direct access to Brookstone Capital Management’s powerful RAISE 360° investment platform, we’re able to cover every aspect of our clients’ wealth management.

“Our approach utilizes an array of innovative, actively managed investment strategies, each with its own built-in risk management methodology. We think this gives investors the opportunity to experience both performance and protection.” —Dean Zayed

An Actively Managed Approach To Risk Management

Investors are often asked to endure a buy-and-hold approach that focuses on annualized percentage returns, but this can divert them from the ultimate long-term goal: cumulative dollar returns.

This hypothetical example shows how Portfolio A saw its gains evaporate because substantial declines destroyed the ability to achieve compounding.

However, over time, while Portfolio A experienced higher percentage gains, Portfolio B was able to limit its downward fluctuations during declining periods. As a result, Portfolio B benefits from compounded growth while Portfolio A makes no advancement after several years invested.

This hypothetical example is for illustrative purposes only and is only designed to show the mathematical differences between substantial declines and less substantial fluctuations. It does not represent the trading of any actual account.

We Take These Important Steps To Portfolio Construction

1 We thoroughly develop your personal financial profile through individual consultations with you. We take into account your individual investment needs and objectives, risk tolerance, and time frame.

2 We develop a personalized asset allocation policy based on your needs and objectives. This policy seeks to maximize your investment returns while minimizing your risk through the carefully diversified allocation of your assets.

3 We implement your asset allocation policy by investing in a well-diversified portfolio. As independent financial advisors, we utilize large array of investment options in an objective and independent manner. This gives us added flexibility and creativity in structuring your investments.

4 We carefully monitor your investments on an ongoing basis to ensure that they remain consistent with your life’s goals and objectives. Financial decisions are not one time events – as life changes, so must too your financial strategy.

5 We will communicate with you on a regular basis and provide comprehensive reports for each of your accounts. Furthermore, we provide you with the highest level of personalized service, including regularly scheduled meetings, newsletters, and workshops.

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