Asset Protection 

Cover all your bases so there are no gap areas that could deplete your assets in the event you are sick, hurt or can't work. 

Asset Preservation
Preserving what you've financially built so you can pass on your financial legacy to your family and insure their financial security. 

Asset Accumulation
Professional recommendations and guidance for insurance & planning for retirement.

Savings Analysis

  • What's your NUMBER? How much capital do you need for a comfortable retirement?
  • How much should you set aside each month to attain your NUMBER?
  • Are your assets properly positioned?
  • Are you making use of your pre-tax and after-tax income?
  • What kind of savings do you need to reach your goal?
  • Have you factored in the INFLATION FACTOR?
  • What about the GAP?
  • ​Are you taking advantage of tax-advantaged savings best suited to your needs?

Vulnerability Analysis

  • Do you have a will?
  • How much monthly income will your family need in the event of your death to continue on without financial interruption?
  • If you are sick or hurt and can't work, how much monthly income does your family need to continue your current lifestyle?
  • Could an illness wipe out your savings?


Individual Health

Group Health

Medicare Supplements

Long Term Care 




Critical Illness


Insurance & planning for all stages of life

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